About Heartsmiths Photography

The name 'Heartsmiths' is stolen from the performing duo of the same name. Stevie was half of the duo; the other half being Paul Hartley, legendary song-writer and conductor of The East Grinstead Symphony Orchestra. You can find his work here - Hartsongs

Sadly the Heartsmiths no longer perform live although they occasionally get together in the studio and drink copious amounts of tea,

Who is Stevie Smith?

Stevie is a diminutive form of the name that has stuck to me as I've got older. It is also the case that 'Steve Smith, Photographer', when Googled, yields about 45 million different hits. Might as well stick with Stevie then.

In real life Stevie is a mental health nurse working in dementia care based in Chichester, West Sussex.

If you would like to order prints from any of the works on display here, go to the contact page and email me.