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Steve's book, Medical Homoeopathy, in its Second Edition Format is now available on Amazon.


Simply click on the button marked 'BOOK'. You can't miss it; it's down there with the word BOOK written on it. 

This is a book for students, practitioners and indeed anyone interested in homoeopathy.

It has been in print in one version or another for over a decade and is bloody brilliant!

Says one reviewer:

Indispensable guide for the homeopathic practitioner!

Finally, a book that provides a clear guide to common (and less common) medical complaints, and to remedies and approaches which may help them. If pathology wasn't your top subject at homeopathy college, or if graduation is a distant memory, buy this book, and keep it near you. The author's authoritative yet chatty style makes for zzzzz-free reading, so this book is great for the swot and the skim-reader alike. My copy is kept right by my Repertory and Materia Medica, and I bet yours will be, too!



Here follows, in all modesty, a selection of things people have said about this book. If you haven't got one, buy one. If you already have it; buy another copy and give it to a deserving friend.

“In his book Medical Homeopathy, Steve Smith manages to convey the most practical and useful information that every homeopath needs, whilst keeping the medical jargon to an absolute minimum - a truly homeopathic approach to this vast and bewildering subject. With his trademark humour and down-to-earth common sense, Steve transforms this often dry and laborious topic into an enjoyable and effortless learning experience. An indispensable reference work for every homeopath.”

Ian Watson

"Something as fundamental and useful as this is long overdue"


"…there is something useful here for all homoeopaths, no matter how long they have been in practice"


"…the text is punchy and straight forward which should appeal to even the most Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology phobic individual"


"….the humour is great"


"The really good bits are the way that Steve manages to focus on the homoeopathic perspective without detracting from the nuts and bolts of A&P"


"There are numerous useful references about HOW to prescribe remedies (i.e. frequency and potency) which makes for a truly practical reference"


Karin Mont, Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths


Modern day practice of homeopathy sees most patients presenting with a host of chronic complaints. Most of them will be receiving treatment from their doctor or local hospital. Drug treatment for their chronic diseases is inevitable with many patients living on a cocktail of medications. Many of them are very aware of their conditions (thanks to the internet) and treatments


"Medical Homeopathy" from Steve Smith fills a gap in our homeopathic literature. In this book Steve merges medical sciences, conventional treatments and homeopathic remedies into one, easy to use guide that will prove invaluable to all homeopaths


Steve divides the human body into 'systems' and for each system he succinctly explains the anatomy and physiology of each. He then explains the most common pathological conditions that arise in the system and details the 'conventional' treatment. The main homeopathic 'leaders' for the pathological conditions are shown in nice, clear tables. Where appropriate, adjunctive treatment is also listed.


This book is an ideal work to have on the corner of your desk. You can reach for it when you need to quickly refresh your mind on certain parts of the body and its disease conditions. It helps you understand the likely conventional treatments and drugs your patients will be taking and then quickly points you to the most likely homeopathic remedies


Interestingly a few days after receiving an early copy of this book my wife was involved in a car incident and suffered Whiplash. Suffice to say I delved immediately into Medical Homeopathy!


I highly commend this book to all homeopaths


David Witko DIHom RSHom FBIH (Miccant software)



An excellent quick reference guide written in a delightfully informal style. It is full of pathological, homeopathic and common sense reminders that will be an invaluable companion to everyday practice.


Miranda Castro



This book should become the standard textbook in its field for all homoeopaths

Martin Miles

I must congratulate you heartily because of the fantastic job than you have done for Homeopathy. I went through it and found it very useful for students and practitioners for their daily practice. 


I will recommend it as a good reference to our students from basic to post graduates grades.


Wishing you every success and hope for the future.


Dr Farshad Shaddel M.D.  





“It certainly fills a big gap and I can imagine students and practitioners finding it a really useful reference….I have put it in our library”


Sue Sternberg BA (Hons) RSHom PGCE    University of Westminster



Truly fantastic. You've done great justice to Homeopathy. I commend you on this book and the way you have put it together.


I turned to the first page on the Musculo Skeleton system and began learning straight away. 


Dr Atiq Ahmed Bhatti


Can I just say I think it fills a long awaited gap in Homeopathy…I used to be Vice-Principal of the Homeopathic College of East Anglia…and I for one, feel that a lot of students do not know their pathology well enough and they NEED medical knowledge. I think your book is absolutely fantastic - I love the lay out, I like the tables - they break it all up and make things very clear. i think the was you have approached skin remedies is excellent - obviously you couldn't cover every single disease, but I agree with Ian, a book like this has been needed for a very long time. Our next student tutorial is this coming Friday - we were asked if we would "go over some therapeutic remedies" - we won't be doing this - we will be continuing with "cases" and tell them all to purchase your book


Elaine Smith MARH




 I love the book, I just love the way you write, with humour, but informative too. Fantastic!!


Yvonne Tompsett RGN  LCH  MARH




It’s great, am having to tear myself away from it. 


Information really grounded, straight to the point and easy to access.  Love the humour which keeps popping up.  Although it’s early days I know that I will find it indispensable.









Dear Steve


I received my copy of your book yesterday and now have had time to peruse some of the pages.


It is beautifully structured, something that I admire so much in your work and can find wanting in my own.  It has a wealth of information and has far exceeded any expectations I had.


The size is "handy" and it is clear to see that you have really given the whole book, not only its content, very thorough thought. 


This book is going to be so useful and after my Repetory and Mat Med will be my most used and valuable book.  It is nearly as good as having you in the next room and I shall practice with even more confidence for owning it.






My first impression of the book is how compact and thorough it is.  I like the book's approach of combining orthodox medical knowledge with homoeopathic practice.  I think this will be a useful handbook to keep on my desk.


Neil D Bryson 



…what a splendid book for all aspiring and existing homoeopaths, how much easier their lives will be now. 


Margaret Lee LCH MARH




Hello – just a message to say that I have been on the sofa all day looking at your book, and it is fantastic! I don’t know how you put so much time into it and stayed sane, but it was well worth it.


Sue Baker SDSHom MARH


Hi Steve, I got your book today, and have spent some time flicking through it, it is incredible you have managed to fit so much information into such a small book.

Mark Tasker



 Dear Steve,


Just a quick note to say that I really like your book. I haven't read it all yet... but started with the "Respiratory" chapter as this is quite topical at this time of year. I found the adjunctive advice in the asthma section really useful, e.g thyme baths etc, and leant some new things. The layout and format is very clearly set out and it's useful to have a reference book that deals with pathology in a homoepathic context, with the keynotes of remedies and adjunctive advice alongside. I like the table layout as it's easy to skim over the differential points of the remedies and it's great to have all this info in one place for easy reference.


Anyway, I'm glad I bought it!


Best wishes and good luck with the book sales,

Sian East




Hi Steve,


Have now got your book.


Amazing, I think it is one of the best Homoeopathic books I HAVE EVER SEEN. I am so lucky to have found you. I know this will be used on a continued basis



Well done, I will show it to every practitioner I know. I have had a hard job putting it down; it will become my Practice Bible for me. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.


If you venture into another book, let me know.



Kind regards  







 Hi Steve, 
I'm really enjoying the book, nice to read a homeopathy book and find my self smiling! not frowning trying to concentrate! the way you write is just like being in one of your lectures I assume, having not had that obvious pleasure. Thanks so much, great work, worth every penny and cheap at the price!

Denise Clark PHSH RSHom


Ian Watson